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MBSR Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction in the Walsall with The Mindful Road and Shelly Arkless, throughout the Midlands
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 Mindful Based Stress Reduction MBSR in the West Mindlands and Walsall area with The Mindful Road
Look at mindfulness courses you can take with Mindful Road and move towards balance in your life
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Look at mindfulness courses you can take with Mindful Road and move towards balance in your life

Deal with relieving stress, anxiety, Chronic  pain and illness, High blood pressure using Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) techniques, please call or sign up with The Mindful Road
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Look at mindfulness courses you can take with Mindful Road and move towards balance in your life

Link to the Be Mindful websiteShelly is registered as a teacher of mindfulness on the 'Be Mindful' website www.bemindful.co.uk supported by the Mental Health Foundation


Name: Ao'R
Location: West Midlands

After years of panic attacks and not coping with everyday stress, I enrolled on the MBSR Course with the The Mindful Road. The classes are structured, but I felt at ease and not under pressure to share my experiences. The techniques used help me with my self-awareness and breathing. I am convinced that using their methods has given me the strength and motivation to cope with situations in a different way.

Name: Simon
Location: Bilston

Thank you for giving me the tools to help me relax and find a peaceful space in my life.

Name: J.S.
Location: Walsall

This course can help you find peace in this frantic world.

Name: Mick
Location: Wolverhampton

I found real benefits in dealing with stressful situations more creatively. My relationships in general have improved, particularly with colleagues.

Name: Martin
Location: Shropshire

A helpful, interesting group experience. Enjoyable, relaxing and an introduction to what can be a way of changing your experience of life.

Name: Barbara
Location: Walsall

The mindfulness course taught me how to be kind to myself.

Name: Karen
Occupation: Training Manager

Everyone in today's busy world could benefit from this course - to learn to create our own oasis of calm whenever we need it.

Name: Steve
Occupation: Social Worker/Conference Manager/HR Manager

Mindfulness is something that everyone can benefit from. It should be provided as part of our education system and for our continuous health and development.

Location: Sutton Coldfield

This course has really helped me and calmed me down a lot. It has put the sparkle in me that even others have notice and asked about. I would recommend this course to anyone who feels "lost" and overwhelmed from time to time (as most of us do!).

Name: Kylie
Location: Sutton Coldfield

I was quite apprehensive about attending the course, but have found it really beneficial. I now have the tools to lead a calmer life which I can hopefully put into practice. I would recommend anyone who suffers from stress to attend. You have nothing to lose and a lot to potentially gain.

Name: C.L.
Occupation: GP

This course is highly beneficial for anyone who was caught up in the business of life. The techniques taught are so simple, but can be life changing, if you give yourself permission to put them into practice.

Name: Dave
Occupation: Business Owner

I have found another piece of the puzzle to enable me to get well. I am a sufferer with ME/CFS and had a very stressful few years. This course has enabled me to join valuable learning and practical experiences to give me a more balanced mind and body. The course was relaxed and everyone was very supportive.

Name: R.P.
Occupation: Naturopath

As an experienced yoga and Qigong instructor I am pleasantly surprised at how much MBSR has helped me personally and in my teaching!

Name: Jane
Location: Sutton Coldfield

A fantastic course! Fun and friendly with info to last a lifetime!

Name: Teresa
Location: Sutton Coldfield

I found the course of very happy and uplifting experience. It actually slowed me down and forced me look at my lifestyle and of being mindful of everything that was going on around me. It taught me to address anything negative going on in my life. The body scan CD was useful as I could use it at home or anywhere I cared to take it. What a fabulous course then I would thoroughly recommend to anyone who needs to reduce stress or make lifestyle changes within their lives.

Name: Marion
Occupation: Beauty and Holistic Therapist

I love meditation, as it is so varied and such a powerful tool. Learning more about mindfulness brought a new perspective to it. A very interesting and powerful course where you need to commit to the home practice in order to get the full benefit.

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